Old cycle: Jan 1st– Dec 31st2019

New cycle: Jan 1st– Dec 31st2020

  1. ASPC CTS 2020 Audit Questionnaires: 

Your 3 questionnaires for the new audit cycle starting January 1st 2020!

The scoring system changed in 2019, so make sure you’re up to date with changes below!!!

  • ‘EXCELLENT’ now scores 7 and not 1 (as in questionnaires from 2018 and earlier)
  • Therefore you hope that your average score will now be as close to 7
  • Plus Q15 was extended to reflect on any Secondary Care Intervention required

2. ASPC CTS Audit 2020 – How to score & Excel Scoring sheet and Audit Return sheet.

  • The basic outline of why we use this audit and what it entails
  • Automatic Excel scoring sheet plus automatic Return Sheet
  • More details of how to work out your audit data 

Wrong entry of data will make your results INVALID, so please look at the attached sheets and digest first

PLEASE NOTE: One big issue will be putting down a PEM1 but not having a PEM2 score later. This will confuse my spreadsheets and give you wrong data. See my hints or video (from 2 years ago but still relevant) for a better explanation:

3. CTS Audit 2019#2 – How to score & Excel Scoring sheet and Audit Return sheet

For your operations from 1stJanuary – 31stDecember 2019

  • I will be requesting this information in April 2020 for presentation at the 2020 ASPC Conference on 15th/16thMay 2020 at Ettington Chase: details to follow
  • I enclose (again) the return sheet to complete for the 2019 Audit, and the SM link to add your results before the 2020 Annual Conference
  • PLEASE NOTEthe SM return link for the 2019 results HAS changed from the form sent this time last year, so PLEASE use the CTS Audit 2019#2 – How to score & Excel Scoring sheet and Audit Returnsheet in the HAND SURGERY 2020 folder only 
  • Just input the data on the scoring sheet and you’ll see the Return sheet (next tab) will fill automatically
  • Once all the patients’ data has been entered you will then transpose your final end results onto a SurveyMonkey Link
  • There a few hints and examples pages on the Excel sheet so please have a look. 

Also your ASPC Subscriptions for the year are due in January – you should be getting an email about it.

Please don’t make us chase you; it’s such a waste of our limited resource time!

Also, big changes to SurveyMonkey……if you use it – details to follow