ASPC – President’s letter- MAY 2014

Firstly thanking you all for electing me as the new President of the Association of Surgeons in Primary Care.

I am greatly humbled and honoured to be given this opportunity to serve all the Members. I am aware the organization has changed considerably since it was founded in 2006. I joined the Council a few months after it was formed. I have worked under the tulege of previous President’s both Mr. Raj Dhumale (founding President) and Laurel Spooner who many of you will know who has done a fantastic job over the last four years. It will be a hard act to follow in their footsteps. I shall do my best in working with yourselves to serve ours and our patients interest. interests.


ASPC has moved considerably from initially starting out as an organisation for Surgeon’s who moved from Secondary Care into Primary Care and continue to do the work. It encompasses a huge swath of members who carry out anything from minor surgery, including skin surgery, lipomas, sebaceous cysts etc., to those who carry out endoscopy, flaps, hernias, carpal tunnel etc. It initially included GP’s who carried out the procedure in the Primary Care but now with the ASPC church looking more broader we have member Consultants who operate in Primary Care and the community.


This shows the changing landscape hopefully with as a rainbow within the grey sky. I am well and truly aware, we are under the directives of the Health Secretary’s policies however I believe that we will be well placed to provide excellence in patient care in the community and guide the politicians in provision of patient centred and responsive care.


I have just under 24 years of experience in the National Health Service having worked a sizeable proportion in Secondary Care. I have further spent some time in the United States and in France g in Secondary Care. I am well and truly aware the importance of moving the work into the community. One does not have to go to Kaiser Permanente in California or United Health in Texas to see the excellent work that is carried out. We have huge examples of work that is carried out nationally and I request members to come forward to display the quality of work they are carrying out in Blighty.


Primary Care surgery is no more as divided as in the years gone by. Consultants understand and are aware that working in Primary Care is very important as given the economics of scale and patient satisfaction that is not achievable in carrying them out in Secondary Care.


Over the years ASPC have made numerous presentations including that to the Health Select Committee, Piloting care closer to the home, presentations to Dept. Of Health with Lord Jenkins, Lord Robeiro and Lord Howe the Health Minister in relation to using facilities in LIFT buildings to provide excellent care, reduce wastage at a fraction of the cost, saving the NHS millions


Many of our members are active in educating the next generation of Doctors who will be succeeding. Further It is important that we work with other organisations including the Association of Surgeons in training who we have fostered good links. We believe there is ample opportunity for Consultants to be working more in the community in the future alongside skilled GP’s.


It is important not to forget the International links we have fostered with the PCS of Ireland. Laurel and myself have been invited and enjoyed excellent Irish hospitality when we attended the opening of their first session. I am also aware other colleagues within the organisation who have fostered good education links with the United States, Middle East and Far East.


I look forward to serving as your President for the next four years and would welcome any feedback in relation to the way you see the ASPC agenda should move forward.