If you are a GP performing vasectomy and/or hand surgery in the community setting, please consider contributing your data to the ASPC National Audits. Our audit data collection and their presentations with discussion is one of the main strengths we have in the ASPC. This is the bedrock from which we can increase our standing and credence in the surgical community. For how else can we prove to Commissioners that Surgery in the Community offers as good (if not better) service, a far more cost effective service, and a more positive patient experience over Hospital based procedures than through AUDIT!

We now have official ASPC questionnaires for Vasectomies, Carpel Tunnel operations plus 2 different Skin audits.

We would also encourage our members to become involved with the Community Based Surgery Audit, which encompasses all removal of skin lesions under local anaesthesia, and toenail surgery.


Please click on the following links to expand for more information about national audits:

ASPC Hand Surgery Audit
National No Scalpel Vasectomy Audit
National Skin Audit
Community Based Surgery Audit