We have finalised the questionnaires and process for undertaking a member wide, on-going Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) survey for all hand surgery being undertaken.

This uses the Patient Evaluation Measure tool which has been validated for all hand surgery. This tool was chosen as the preferred method for ASPC members during our workshop at this year’s conference. It is very easy for patients to complete and for you and your staff to record the results.

There are two questionnaires, one pre- and one post-op; the post-op questionnaire should be sent to all patients 3 months after surgery.

ASPC hand surgery PROM tool_data collection
PEM Pre-op questionnaire
PEM Post-op questionnaire

On the excel document you will see there is only one score to record pre-op and three scores to record post-op; the spread sheet will then work out the difference between the pre-op and post-op hand health profile scores. The 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th worksheets will then automatically give you the three averages you need ie the average reduction in hand health profile scores, the average score given by patients for their treatment, and the average patient score for overall assessment. You can if you have more than one surgeon and one procedure being undertaken use the pivot tables embedded in the document.

The questions relate to the hand/ hands to be operated on. If the second hand is also to be operated on a second pre-op form would only need to be completed if greater than 6 weeks has passed since first completing the form.

We should all also record any iatrogenic nerve damage and any post-operative infections requiring hospitalisation.

I would be very happy to answer any questions via e-mail (info@aspc-uk.net) or telephone.

If we can start to use these questionnaires by mid-December than we should have some real data to review at the next annual conference. I would ask that members send me their excel documents at the beginning on May so I can collate for the conference presentation on May 18th; ASPC will then be able to provide certificates to show you have compared your results with peers at ASPC.

Kind regards

Dr Matthew Wordsworth
Lead for hand surgery ASPC
GPwSI surgery/ Clinical Director / Independent Health Group

Vasectomy Audits

We have been collecting data on all Vasectomies undertaken firstly with BANSV and now with ASPC over the last 7 years, with data on over 25,000 Vasectomies in total.

Our Audit data collection (and presentation) is one of the main strengths we have in the BANSV/ASPC. This is the bedrock from which we can increase our standing in the surgical community, to give us credence and lead the way forward as compared to other associations.

Audit is only as good as the data which has been collected which is only as good as the questions that you have asked….

What do we want to specifically ask the patients?
Did you experience any:-
a) Infection – who gave the antibiotics? What reason?
b) Swelling – how big? Was it painful, how long for?
c) Pain – how long, how bad, have you still got any?
d) Experience – before, during, after…

The ASPC now uses two 2 different questionnaires
1) The First – Before they leave the Clinic
2) The Second – At least 4 months after Vasectomy (most often sent with reminders to undertake tests, or with letter confirming test results)

The Immediate Post Vasectomy Questionnaire
This gives you quantifiable data for PCB’s on your patient experiences leading up to, and including the operation itself.
Vasectomy-post-operation-period-questionnaire (1)

The 4-Month Post Vasectomy Questionnaires
This is your MAIN provider of audit data for complication rates. I feel these are for you to look use in collecting the data you require to fill out the audit sheet. Also they provide a lot of information for learning feedback for your whole Vasectomy Service.

Gareth James
Audit lead for ASPC


On-Line Questionnaires

Make life easier for yourself!! Both the Immediate and the 4-Month Post-Op Questionnaires are now back online and ready to roll out again. This is now set up via SurveyMonkey.

There are some changes as compared to KwikSurvey, but hopefully even easier to use. Please email Gareth to get set up, and the instructions on how to start

Gareth James
Audit lead for ASPC