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Treating Skin Cancer Successfully in Primary Care – Kerry Skin Clinic

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached a paper which we have recently published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science showing that basal cell carcinomas, which account for at least 62% of all skin cancers, can be successfully treated in primary care. We studied 184 consecutive basal cell carcinomas that were treated in the Kerry Skin Clinic and followed up for five years. Just over half of the basal cell carcinomas in this study were treated with cryosurgery and almost a third were cut out. 97% of these tumors were still cured after five years.

The results in this study compare very favorably with the best outcomes in hospital based treatments worldwide. The vast majority of patients treated in this study had little scarring after surgery. Only 7% of the basal cell carcinomas in this study were referred to hospitals for treatments, usually because the tumor was too large to be treated in primary care.

The Primary Care Surgical Association believes that with extra training, equipment and funding, a network of specially trained GPs throughout Ireland could treat a large proportion of  non-melanoma skin cancers in primary care with high cure rates, low costs, good cosmetic results and more convenience for the patient. This model has been running successfully in Australia for many years where the majority of skin cancers are treated by specially trained GPs.

Your sincerely,

Dr David Buckley
Dr Tom Kennedy
Dr Christa Marczuk
Kerry Skin Clinic

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