World Vasectomy Day

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BREAKING NEWS! Just announced–MEXICO will be the official host of World Vasectomy Day this year! For more, click HERE, and while you’re on the website, make sure your listing in the directory is complete, and then PLEASE make a donation by Friday to help us double our funds!!! (HERE)

We’re excited!

Mexico will host this year!

We count on vasectomy providers for part of our support! Without you, we couldn’t accomplish all that we do.
In the past 4 years, World Vasectomy Day has inspired over 21,000 vasectomies, not counting the thousands more that were informally reported in Bangladesh and India.

Our outreach, publicity, and penchant for disruption have also helped inspire (among many other accomplishments):

• Bali to refurbish their mobile buses to do rural outreach
• Planned Parenthood to consider expanding vasectomy outreach in the US
• The international family planning community to recognize the need for men to be as informed as women if they want to achieve their FP2020 goals
• India to adopt World Vasectomy Day for a fortnight each year
• Kenya to overcome all odds and attain a 300% increase in vasectomy uptake in 2016
• Mexico to wholly embrace their own annual World Vasectomy Day – last year they performed 2,599 vasectomies in a single day!

Now we need your help to finance our 5thWVD on November 17, 2017! 

An anonymous donor has offered to match donations if we can raise $5,000 in the next 2 weeks. Please help us maximize this valuable opportunity with your tax-deductible donation today, doubling your donation and doubling your impact on global vasectomy access and awareness. A good starting point isthe amount you receive for performing one vasectomy, but more truly makes the difference in our work around the globe! Please stand with other vasectomy providers and support World Vasectomy Day–DONATE HERE  (We’re a 501 c (3) so for those in the US, this may be elegible as a tax deduction)


Have you updated your listing for our new directory?

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A tax deduction, a free listing, a great cause—what’s not to love?! It is only through awareness and support that our progress is possible.

The WVD team:

Dedra Smith, Producer
Jonathan Stack, Executive Director
Alison Hoover, Communications Director
Oliver Nasht, Content Director

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