ASPC Collaboration

The ASPC aims to enhance collaboration on three levels:


1. Collaboration amongst community surgeons

An important role of the ASPC is to bring community surgeons together. Community surgeons looking for networking opportunities can use our excellent ASPC Map Directory. Members can place themselves on the Map Directory, detailing their surgical interests and their location, and discover other members who are working locally.

In addition, ASPC holds an annual conference which is an excellent opportunity for networking, sharing ideas, and CPD.


2. Collaboration between GPs and our hospital-based colleagues

It is our aim to ensure that community surgical services are developed not only in a way which streamlines the patient journey, but also in a way that ensures mutual support between hospital care and community care. On one level, ASPC is working hard to generate supportive relationships with the Royal College of Surgeons, the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Association of Surgeons In Training. And at the patient care interface, the ASPC is working towards developing a framework for liaison between community surgeons and hospital specialists.


3. Collaboration between GPs, CCGs and Acute Care Trusts

The ASPC facilitates the sharing of resources and information to support those stakeholders interested in developing community surgery, whether they be from the background of GP, CCG or Acute Care Trusts. We find that members have a wealth of experience to share.

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