In primary care, about 15% of consultations feature a skin problem and approximately two thirds of those referred on are about skin lesions.

Therefore most GPs have opportunities to use a dermatoscope several times a day. 

Dermoscopy should be an essential skill for skin surgeons, and it will gradually become one for all primary care clinicians.

Dermoscopy is particularly useful in the diagnosis of skin lesions. The additional information provided by the microscopic features of specific lesions often provides a firm diagnosis. This allows safe and accurate management of many lesions.  

The first principle of learning dermoscopy is to use a dermatoscope! Study days, online resources, texts and support from colleagues all help, but it is a practical skill that enhances a careful history and  macroscopic examination within the consultation process.

Study days, such as the one provided by the ASPC are ideal to improve knowledge on dermoscopy as well as skin surgery, integrating the collaborative experience and advice of dermatologists and surgeons, many working in community settings.

The photographs illustrate how dermoscopy facilitates lesion diagnosis.


Saturday 21st January 2023
08.00 - 08.45 Registration & Coffee
8.45- 09.45 How to recognise obviously benign lesions with confidence
09.50 - 10.45 Jargon of Dermatoscopy
Pigment network patterns and vessels
10.50 - 11.15 Refreshments, Networking and Sponsors' Stands
11.15 - 11.45 Practical Session
11:50 - 12:45 Dermatoscopy of BCC
12:50 - 14:00 Lunch, Networking and Sponsors' Stands
14.05 - 15.00 Signs of Malignancy
15.05 - 15.35 Practical Session
15.40 - 16.05 Refreshments, Networking and Sponsors' Stands
16:10 - 17:00 Review of the day & Quiz
17.00 - Finish


I am delighted to report that the study day, the first one organised by the ASPC, run according to plan and there was great feedback from delegates and council members:

Dear Paula, thank you for your email, it was my pleasure and honour to attend such great dermatoscopy study day, may I record my sincere appreciation to yourself, ASPC team and the sponsors for the huge efforts spent to make it happen. A very big thank you to Dr Moncreiff for his fantastic and amazing talks and lectures. My I take this opportunity and ask if you and ASPC team could facilitate more teaching and study days relevant to skin surgery and dermatoscopy as I will be very interested to attend. My best wishes and kindest regards always.  

Dr R G

Dear Paula,     Thank you for a fantastic course. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I would be grateful if you can you send me a certificate so I can use it for my e-portfolio.  Thank you once again! 


Hi Paula,   Thank you for Saturday - an excellent study day which was very informative and well run! Is it possible to get a certificate of attendance with CPD hours for my re-validation? Thanks again


Thanks for the course. A thoroughly enjoyable day. George was happy to share some key notes from the day.  Please would you forward them on to me. Thanks


Dear Mig, Thank you for organising and chairing the dermoscopy course. It was very well put together.


The day covered primarily dermatoscopy of skin lesions, as it was designed for GPs and community skin surgeons, with excellent lectures by the highly experienced dermatology educator Dr George Moncrieff. We also had breakout  practical sessions on photography of dermatoscopic images and basic dermatological surgical techniques and tips.  

We hosted around 50 people and are grateful to the delegates, sponsors and council members who attended as well as the Birmingham Hilton  Garden Inn hotel for collaborating with the smooth running of the event.  

We hope to have enthused delegates to routinely use a dermatoscope and will plan to run the course again next year.  Your support will be most welcome.  

On behalf of the ASPC: Mrs Paula Wick, Dr Manu Alexander, Dr Mig Arbide.