Why Become a Member of the ASPC?

Join us today in working towards our vision of providing a high-quality, readily available Surgical services in Primary Care to patients throughout the UK.

You can be a member of the ASPC member for only £120/year (tax deductible).


The ASPC is the only national organisation that represents GP / Consultants who provide surgical services in the community setting.

Our mixture of portfolio GP’s (or GPwSI) and hospitals Consultants working in the community is totally unique, covering the 3 most common surgery undertaken in the community: Vasectomy, Carpal Tunnel decompressions, and ALL levels of Skin surgery (right simple excision to cancers above the clavicle).


Allied with this we are actively encompassing those members expanding clinical skills for thsethose wanting to learn about 

·       General Practice Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS

·       Non-Surgical Aesthetics (we are the only association for only those practitioners who are GMC registered)

·       GP’s in training who are seeking opportunity to  portfolio skills 


The ASPC exists to provide support, training, education, and professional development for all providers of surgical procedures in the community. 

The ASPC council and its members are passionate about providing high quality, safe, effective, and efficient surgical procedures in community settings allied with the benefits that an expansion of surgery under local anaesthetic closer to home would accomplish, for both the local population and the whole of the NHS. 


If not us, then who?

Surgeons in the community tend to work in isolation,

Who are you going to turn to when you need support?

Gain up to date education relating to your surgical speciality?

The latest news / views and studies?

Networking with like-minded, aspirational, groundbreaking GP’s, all like you, pushing the definition of what a primary care surgeon can off to their local population.


WE ALSO NEED YOU! The larger our association the more clout we will have in lobbying the NHSE and the Government in improving access for patients to community surgery, increasing your access to undertake more surgical procedures!


Membership is just £120/year

Equal to the profit you earn from between just 1 to 3 surgical procedures!

But even better, we are registered as HMRC approved professional body (list 3) SO YOU CLAIM TAX RELIEF!

Astonishingly, under certain circumstances your membership could cost you NOTHING by utilising this tax relief allowance whilst also buying a ticket to the Annual Conference at the membership discount rate!


Member benefits include

·       Support and networking, and expert advice in an area of clinical practice which is evolving rapidly.

·       Earn at least up to 2 CPD points per year for attending the Annual conference, Study days, webinars, and submitting Audit submissions.

·       Access to the national ASPC yearly Audits: the FSRH approved ASPC Vasectomy, Carpal Tunnel Decompression and Skin Surgery patient questionnaires (all yearly updated)

·       Full support to enable to set up your questionnaires and obtain patient feedback, with step-by-step guides, loads of videos giving you free access to collection tools such as SurveyMonkey,  Microsoft Forms, and an exclusive self-populating Excel scoring sheet 

·       Yearly submission of said audits needed for your appraisals that will show, not just how effectively run your clinics performance are, but also the ability to compare your service with other surgical providers around the country

·       Access to ASPC trainers and ASPC training protocols and handbooks for training and accreditation in surgical specialities such as Vasectomy and Carpel tunnel decompression

·       Accreditation of practitioners performing surgery in primary care and their appraisal is of paramount importance. 

·       Peer review appraisal templates

·       Access to a network of individuals and practices working in this area of clinical practice which is evolving rapidly via our members only ASPC Facebook page and WhatsApp support groups.

·       Significantly Reduced Fees to our Annual Conference and other Study days for Members

·       Access to members-only educational materials on the recently relaunched ASPC website

·       Access to members-only local service development/CCG advice and materials

·       Hopefully coming soon: An ASPC approved Vasectomy Contract to share with your ICB’s


Not only that, but…

·       The ASPC is committed to providing support and services to GPwSIs through its provision of training, audits and of course the annual conference.

·       We support GP Surgeons in both bidding for local contracts in community surgery, and in dealing with commissioner queries and contracting

·       We also offer support and provide guidance to CCG’s, Health boards and other commissioning organisations to roll out appropriately funded and designed community surgery contracts nationwide.

·       We are your voice that is heard by NHSE, RCS, RCGP, CQC, GMC, LMC and other official bodies, where the ASPC will act as a lobby group for its members, and have had many council members provide representation at national level.

·       We also support our global health care colleagues providing surgery in the community eg Haiti, Philippines etc and provides opportunities for members to work as volunteers abroad and are major contributors to the World vasectomy Day movement.

·       ASPC also provides free reciprocal membership with the Primary care Surgical Association (PCSA) of the Republic of Ireland, and has close affiliation with FSRH, and other associations such as GPC, BADS, RCGP, ASIT

·       Accreditation of practitioners performing surgery in primary care and their appraisal is of paramount importance. Through the ASPC’s affiliation with the RCGP the association will be in a position to produce guidelines for both accreditation and appraisal.


All this on annual basis remember for less than the price of 3 surgical procedures!


Other ASPC membership options:

·       50% membership fee to be given to medically clinically retired members (not just those who have retired from surgical procedures). 

·       Any organisation that provides community surgical services can have an Organisation Website Access membership, for their employees, including Admin and other clinical staff for £20 a year

o   The organisation though MUST have at least one surgeon who is fully paid up ASPC member.

·       Medical students at £10 for the year. 

·       GP VTS will have free annual ASPC membership when buying a ticket for Annual ASPC Conference.


We’d love you to join the ASPC, and add your enthusiasm to ours