May 11/12 Minor Surgery RCGP B&H Luton
18 Joint Injections ASPC Leamington Spa
25 MS Update RCGP B&H Luton
Jun 8/9 Minor Surgery RCGP Midland Sutton Coldfield
16 Joint Injections Circle Greenwich
22 Joint Injections RCGP East Anglia Norfolk
29 MS Update RCGP Essex Chelmsford
30 Joint Injections ASPC Chelmsford
Jul 6 Joint Injections RCGP B&H Luton
7 Joint Injections ASPC Maidstone
13/14 Minor Surgery RCGP Leicester Hinckley
21 Joint Injections ASPC Maidstone
Sep 7/8 Minor Surgery RCGP B&H Luton
21 Joint Injections RCGP Midland Sutton Coldfield
22 MS Update ASPC Birmingham
23 MS Update RCGP Mersey Liverpool
28 MS Update ASPC Maidstone
Oct 5 MS Update RCGP B&H Luton
12/13 Minor Surgery RCGP East Anglia Newmarket
19/20 Minor Surgery RCGP Thames V Oxford
Nov 3 Joint Injections RCGP Essex Chelmsford
9/10 Minor Surgery RCGP B&H 9/10
Dec 14 Joint Injections RCGP B&H London



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  • For RCGP courses please book online on the RCGP Website.

The 2017 Vasectomy Study Day shall be held in September, Venue TBA