November 2019
14th & 15th Minor Surgery Luton  RCGP Beds & Herts Online Booking
21st & 22nd Minor Surgery Oxford  RCGP Thames Valley Online Booking


29th Vasectomy Study Day Southampton Contact
December 2019
6th Joint Injections Luton  RCGP Beds & Herts Online Booking
12th Joint Injections Sutton Coldfield RCGP Midland Online Booking


January 2020
10 MS Update Redbridge CCG Contact
16 JI Tunbridge Wells Contact
17 JI Canterbury Contact
23 MS Update Brent CCG Contact
24 MS Update Leicester Contact
31 JI RCGP Beds & Herts RCGP
6 JI Brent CCG Contact
7 JI Northwood Contact
13 JI RCGP Midland RCGP
14 MSU Sutton Coldfield Contact
27&28 MS RCGP Beds & Herts RCGP
5 MS Update Bournemouth Contact
6 JI Cardiff Contact
12 Redbridge CCG Contact
13 JI RCGP East Anglia RCGP
19&20 MS RCGP Midland RCGP
23&24 MS RCGP NE London TBA
1 MS Update RCGP Beds & Herts RCGP
14 MS Update Sutton Coldfield Contact
21&22 MS RCGP Essex RCGP
4&5 MS RCGP Beds & Herts RCGP
18 JI RCGP Thames Valley TBA
19 JI RCGP Midland RCGP
3 JI RCGP Beds & Herts RCGP
9&10 MS RCGP Leicester RCGP
4 MS Update RCGP Beds & Herts TBA
10&11 MS RCGP Midland TBA
18 MS Update RCGP Essex RCGP
12&13 MS RCGP Beds & Herts TBA
4 JI RCGP Beds & Herts TBA


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The 2017 Vasectomy Study Day shall be held in September, Venue TBA

Recent Course Feedback:

“Thank you for forwarding my results – it must have been your excellent presentation that enabled me to get those marks!I really enjoyed the day and have lots of points to take back to my practice.” (London)

“It was so good being educated by GP colleagues. So often it is consultants who have no idea how us lot work, and as most of them have never done any primary care they clearly have no idea of the challenges we face. Your style and approach made a refreshing change. [We] agreed when we were discussing the course on Monday, how much we enjoyed being taught by someone who was ‘one of us’ – and with a great sense of humour which made the day so enjoyable.” (Coventry)

“The course was one of the best we had been on. The pre-course material was excellent and will provide a useful on-going resource. In particular the end of course assessment was a great way to keep peoples’ interest during the lectures. It was also set at an appropriate standard. I am not sure why other courses do not follow this particular model, especially with revalidation/CPD etc. Going on a typical course for the day daydreaming out of the window on reflection seems a bit of a waste of time in comparison. Naturally I would recommend it to anyone.” (Birmingham)

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