Skin Surgery


Many GPs undertake skin surgery in the community setting, ranging from simple cautery to incisions and excisions.

GPs offering skin surgery in the community can link up with the national Community-Based Surgery Audit (CBSA), led at the RCGP by ASPC Council Member Dr Jonathan Botting, RCGP clinical lead for minor surgery.

The audit aims to encompass all dermatological surgery, including some more technically challenging excisions including flaps and grafts under local anaesthesia and toenail surgery. It does not currently include vasectomy, carpal tunnel, trigger finger or ganglion surgery.

The audit has been developed by the Clinical Innovation and Research Centre (CIRC) of the RCGP in collaboration with the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). For more information please see the RCGP website.

We have just unveiled a more patient centred experience questionnaire for all members.

We hope all members who undertake skin surgery, of any kind, will consider contributing their data to our national audit.